Introducing InterShoot 2023

Dear friends,


It is with great pleasure that we are able to welcome you to the 44th edition of InterShoot. As you all know, last year’s edition unfortunately had to be cancelled and pushed forward due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has effected the execution of almost every sports event in the world.”

This is how I started my introduction last year, not knowing that, with a simple “copy paste” I could welcome you to the 45th edition. Or is it the 44.1 version? Let’s not complicate things and just stick to #44.

A lot has happened during the past three years. First of all, in November 2022, there was the sudden passing of Piet Hoogeveen Esq., former chairman of the Netherlands Royal Shooting Sport Association (KNSA) and, until his death, legal advisor of the Association. Piet’s expertise on both shooting sport and legal matters, in combination with his tenacity to get matters done as they ought to be done, have proven to be essential for our beautiful sport.

In last year’s preface I announced the retirement from InterShoot in 2024 not only of myself but also of John and René. With this upcoming retirement we set out on a quest to search for people who could take over from us. I am very pleased to say that we have found four of such people. Those of you who have been to InterShoot before are more or less familiar with them. Mrs. Gerda Lejeune, board member of the KNSA, has always shown a keen interest in InterShoot and was present at almost every edition of InterShoot, quite often handling the prize giving ceremony. Gerda will be the new chairperson. Then there is Mr. David Hoogstraat. David has been a member of the InterShoot team ever since he learned how to walk. Oh well, perhaps not that long, but for a very long time anyway. David is one of our range officers and jack of all trades. Since we thought it wise to expand the board from three to five members, we have already added both of them to the board. The next two, and they will become board members after we have retired, are Mrs. Marieke van der Weide and Mr. Taeke Spinder. Marieke is also one of our Range Officers and has quite often been involved in equipment control. Taeke is one of our Chief Range Officers, and has been for many years as well. Taeke and Marieke will take over the Secretary/Treasurer activities from René. Although not yet members of the board René already involves them in his activities. With having four new board members in position already (we are still on the lookout for a suitable fifth member) we are confident that InterShoot’s future is guaranteed.

The world, in my opinion, is a beautiful place. Please let’s keep it beautiful because it is the only one we have. The magic word these days to help and make this happen seems to be “RESPECT”. Statements are made in almost every sport in the world to respect differences. And I agree. The denial of the right to differ has led to too much distress and mayhem already.

And finally, as every year, I would like to emphasize that not everyone will win a medal at InterShoot, and that no one ever loses at InterShoot but will always at least gain a fantastic experience.

I wish you all a very pleasant and successful stay in The Hague.

Martin Finkelnberg