Introducing InterShoot 2022

The Times They Are a-Changin' (Bob Dylan, 1964)


Dear friends,


It is with great pleasure that we are able to welcome you to the 44th edition of InterShoot. As you all know, last year’s edition unfortunately had to be cancelled and pushed forward due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has effected the execution of almost every sports event in the world. In August 2020, when the situation seemed to be improving, we decided to go ahead with the event in 2022 hoping, expecting rather, that ultimately February 2022 everything would be back to normal again. But, when writing this (November 2021), the world experiences an increase in Covid -19 infections. At this moment we do not expect this to have any major negative effects on next year’s edition. However, we do expect to have to take mandatory precautionary safety measures that may be applicable then. At this time, it is impossible to say which these measures may be, but one can expect these to be in line with what we all have experienced since the Covid-19 outbreak. We will keep you updated on any developments regarding this on our website.


When I started shooting in 1972 (that is half a century ago!) there was this obese, cigar smoking, black coffee drinking elderly man. A member of my shooting club and, in 1977, founder of InterShoot: Stek Geerts. You can read all about him on our website. When there were competitions to be organized, national or international, there was never a shortage of  “volunteers” to help out. He, Stek, simply took you by the short and curlies and put you on range duty for a day or the whole weekend if necessary. And what did Stek do?  During the entire event he sat behind his desk smoking cigars (which was quite normal in those days), drinking his coffee and bossing around his volunteers. And everyone enjoyed every bit of it. And I thought: “Anyone can do that.” Guess what; I was right. Now I am that elderly obese man and that is precisely (except for the smoking) what I have done during the past five editions and will be doing again in 2022. The only reason that I can afford to do that is that I have an exceptional talented team of volunteers who don’t need bossing around because they all very well know what to do to make this event a success.


But all good things must come to an end. I therefore have decided to resign from InterShoot immediately after the 2024 edition. That is the year I hope to celebrate my 70th birthday and what better moment to pass on the gavel to the younger generation. When I announced my upcoming resignation during our last board meeting John Speetjes (same age as myself) also indicated to end his involvement in InterShoot that same year. Which in turn prompted René van der Weijden, our secretary, to end his activities in 2024 as well. This means we will have to look for a suitable team of successors. But don’t panic. Because it is not done these days to appoint volunteers, we are in touch about this with the Royal Netherlands Shooting Sport Association (KNSA). Both the KNSA and InterShoot have no doubts about the need to continue InterShoot after 2024.  We will therefore convene shortly after InterShoot 2022 to start making plans.


As I have said before, not everyone will win a medal at InterShoot, but no one ever loses and you will always at least gain a fantastic experience.


I wish you all a very pleasant and successful stay in The Hague.


Martin Finkelnberg